Video and Audio Data Preparation

Video and Audio Data Preparation

Currently, Dedoose supports MP4 format for video data and MP3, WAV, M4A, and WAM for audio files. Below are some tips in the event your video needs to be converted or you are having trouble uploading: 



Any Video Converter is a free software that can convert your video to MP4 format, your audio file to a desired format, as well as condense the files to make upload more efficient. For detailed instructions on how to use Any Video Converter, visit here


If you are having trouble uploading a video or audio file, try the following steps below. Please reach out to if you continue to experience problems.

  • Ensure you have a strong, secure internet connection
  • Lower the size of the video file by encoding to MP4 file format with x264 as the video codec
  •  Use AAC or MP3 as the audio codec
  • The bitrate should be no higher than 1.2Mbps
  • Split the video or audio file into smaller chunks (for instance, in 20 minute segments)

General Tips

Remove unnecessary content from a video or audio file. For instance, if you are analyzing a broadcast or television show and are not interested in the commercials, use a video editor to splice those sections out. This will save you both time and money.