Billing Cycles

Billing Cycles

Your billing cycle begins on the day you create your account. For example, if you create a standard-rate account on March 6th, that triggers a charge of $14.95 that covers your subscription through April 5th. On April 6th, a new billing cycle begins.  


If you are inactive for longer than a month, the next date you logon will trigger a new billing cycle date. 

Note: New individual accounts always receive their first month/billing cycle free. 

Payment Prompts

If you are ever prompted for payment when you have recently made a payment, the payment you previously submitted most likely covered any past due amount from a previous monthly cycle and you are now being prompted for the current cycle. In other words, your logging in when the account is past due initiates a prompt for payment and the login activity may also trigger a new charge for the current cycle. This most frequently occurs for users who have been away from Dedoose for a number of months.

If you ever have questions about payment prompts are charges, please feel free to reach out to or view more information about billing cycles here