Subscription Pricing

Dedoose offers three general pricing tiers:

Annual or Multi-Month Subscriptions: Even though Dedoose was created as a monthly subscription service, you can opt to pay for an Annual subscription or prepay for multiple months by indicating that preference when you submit payment through the application, or when requesting an invoice. 


Individual Subscriptions 

Dedoose charges individual accounts based on active use, meaning you are only charged for the months you log into the application. If you have an account but do not log into the application in any given monthly billing cycle, you will not be charged and all of your data will remain safe and secure until you return.

Standard Rate: $17. 95 per active month 

Student Rate: $12.95 per active month 

Student Discount: To redeem a student discount, email and attach proof of student-status (e.g., student ID card; course schedule; etc.) and your Dedoose username. 


Group Subscriptions

Groups enjoy a discounted rate depending on the number of users in the group

Small Group - 2-5 users: $15.95 per user per active month

Large Group - 6+ users: $13.95 per user per month

Note: Large group users are charged per month, whether users log into Dedoose or not. You may move users in and out of the group account or temporary disable an account to prevent incurring charges. View the Group Account Management Guide for more information. 


Organizational Subscriptions

Organizations can subscribe to Dedoose on behalf of their employees, faculty and/or, students. Organizational subscriptions include advanced account features such as: 

  • SSO integration
  • Advanced training and consultation
  • Hands-on workshops
  • A designated account manager

Premier and Enterprise Subscriptions

Premier is ideal for research teams and smaller organizations or departments and includes: 

  • Dedoose access for up to 20 users/seats 
  • SSO integration
  • 5 hours of training and consultation
  • Account manager

Note: Additional users may be added for a fee. If you have over 30 users, Enterprise would be a more cost-effective subscription. 


Enterprise is ideal for universities and large research organizations and includes:  

  • Dedoose access for an unlimited number of users/seats 
  • SSO integration
  • 6 hours of training and consultation
  • Train-the-Trainer program
  • Account manager
  • Custom logging and reporting

Contact Us: If you would like to discuss organizational pricing, please schedule a call here or email An informational packet is available for download below.