Adding a User to Your Account

Add User to Account

You can add a user to your account - and thus pay for their Dedoose subscription - in several ways depending on: 


Add (or Remove) an Existing User to Your Account

Please complete this form with a list of current Dedoose user emails that you want added/removed from your account group. Be sure the email is the one associated with their Dedoose account. 


Add a New User to Your Account (no existing Dedoose account)

  1. The group administrator (who will be paying for the account) navigates to their Account workspace 
  2. Click "Add User" at the bottom right of the page
  3. Fill in the new user information and email address
  4. Hit Submit
  5. Repeat for other users


Upon submission, an email will be sent to the new user alerting them that their account was created, and a separate email asking them to verify their account. After they do so, they will be in your account group and you (the group administrator) will be responsible for their fees. 

You can also have the new user create their own username and password via the Dedoose Sign Up page, and then follow the steps for "Adding an Existing User to Your Account" above. 


Remove User from Account

You can remove a user by:

  1. Log In
  2. Navigate to your Account workspace
  3. Select the "Account Users" tab
  4. Select on a user you want to remove
  5. Click "Remove User" on the bottom right


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