Add User to a Project

Add a User to a Project

You can add collaborators to a project via the Security workspace within the specific project you want to collaborate.

Adding someone to a project does not add them to your account or impact billing in any way. For a reminder about how Accounts are separate from Projects, visit the Account Overview guide. 


Add a User to a Project Steps

1. Ensure that you are in the correct project you wish to add the user to. You can navigate to the correct project by going to the Projects workspace and selecting "Load" next to the project.

2. Click the Security tab to enter the Security Workspace

3. Click the Add User button at the bottom

4. Select the group the user will be added to. If the desired access group does not exist, select the "Add Group" button to add an additional access group. Visit the Project Access Groups guide for more information on different Project Access Groups.

5. Enter the user's email address and hit submit

Existing users: If the user already has a Dedoose account, make sure that the email address entered is the same one associated with their existing account

New user: If the user does not yet have a Dedoose account, you will get the option to Invite User, or Create New User. If you Create a New User, you will be responsible for their Dedoose subscription fees. 

The new user will not have access to the project until they accept the project invitation by re-logging into Dedoose.