Project Options (Delete, Copy, Rename, Export, Consolidate)

Project Options

Projects can be deleted, copied, renamed, exported, or consolidated. Note that these actions can only be performed by the project owner, whose name appears next to each project. You can delete, copy, and rename a project by using the buttons available at the bottom right of the Projects workspace



Delete a Project

To delete a project:

1. Select the name of the project you want to delete

2. Click on "Delete Project" in the lower right corner

3. Follow the prompt to type DELETE ENTIRE PROJECT

4. Click submit

The project will then be deleted for all users who have access to the project.

Reminder: You cannot delete:

  • The project you currently have loaded
  • A project you have not yourself created
  • The last remaining project in your account. A Dedoose account requires at least one project. If you want to delete all projects, create a new empty project you can leave in Dedoose.

Copy a Project

You can create copies of a project. It is a good idea to do so when you plan major changes and are not sure of the outcome, or if you want to copy the project and assign a new owner.

To copy projects:

1. In the Projects workspace, select the project name 

2. Select the "Copy Project" button on the bottom right

3. The Copy Project Panel will open, allowing you to rename the project and include a description. 

4. Select the "Change" button in order to assign the project to yourself or another person

5. A window will pop up allowing you to type in the email address of the next owner (this often will be yourself unless you are assigning ownership to someone else). Details of that account will appear in the window

6. Select the account and click "submit"

7. Dedoose will inform you that the project is being copied and you will be notified via email when the project copy is complete. This generally does not take more than a few minutes


Rename a Project

To rename a project:

1. Navigate to the Projects workspace

2. Select the name of the project you want to rename

3. Click on "Rename Project" button in the lower right corner

4. This opens a window, from where you can enter a new name and a new description.

5. Click Submit to finalize the new name


Export a Project

To export a project: 

1. Navigate to the home screen

2. Select the "Export Data" button on the upper left side of the screen (directly below "Import Data") 

3. Choose "Export Project" from the export data window


4. You will be prompted to provide an email address, password for the project, and whether you want the project in Dedoose format or QDPX format. 


5. After selecting "Submit," you will receive confirmation that the project has been exported with a link showing where the export is located. This export link will be available for the next 72 hours for you to download the project to your computer. 


Consolidate Projects

You can consolidate two projects into one by using a two-step process. Step 1 is to export one project. Step 2 is to import the project into the other project.

Step 1: Export One Project

A. Export Project

      • Click Export Data on Home page
      • Choose Export Project
      • Fill in information in new window which opens and click submit. You will need to provide a password for accessing the project later on

B. You will receive confirmation saying the project has been exported with a link showing where the export is located. This export will be available for the next 72 hours. Click on the link, this moves the project copy to your downloads folder. Do not open the file.

Step 2: Import the Project into Another Project

A. Import the project.

      • Go to the project you want to import the copy in
      • In Homepage, Import Data, select import project
      • Enter the password provided earlier and submit
      • It shows possible files on your computer which should include the project file that is in downloads. Highlight that file and click on Open

B. The file uploads and after a few minutes, Dedoose will confirm that the project has been imported.

Note: This process can be helpful if you want to merge projects. Upon consolidating the projects, you can merge similar codes and revise the project as needed.