Import Data


Data Types

Dedoose can help you analyze nearly any type of data from documents, survey data, video, audio, images, PDFs, other projects, and more. Current supported file formats are listed here. If you have not already done so, please review the Data Preparation tips for  your specific data under the "Terminology and Data Preparation" section of the Learning Center. 


Importing Data

To import qualitative data such as documents/transcripts, PDFs, images, audio, video, text, surveys, descriptor or quantitative data, or other projects, select the large "Import Data" button on the home screen; or select the addition icon within the Media workspace. 


You will be prompted to select what type of data you are uploading. Choose the correct category and then find the file on your computer to upload. 


Adding Additional Quantitative or Categorical Data to Existing Data 

If you have additional survey or descriptor data that falls in the same categories as your existing data, these can be added to your existing data via the Descriptors workspace.

1. Navigate to the Descriptors workspace

2. Select the import data button on the upper right (arrow pointing down icon)

3. Select the data from your computer