Home Workspaces and Application Orientation

Dedoose Workspaces

When logging into Dedoose, you will see a top ribbon with labeled tabs for various Workspaces in the app such as Home, Codes, Media, Excerpts, Descriptors, Training, Memos, Analyze, Security, Data Sets, Projects, Account, and Back.  

Saving Your Work: Actions you conduct in Dedoose are automatically saved in real-time so you never have to worry about losing data. Saving is only required when syncing transcript sections to excerpts on video and audio streams, when editing a text file, and after writing a memo. A save button will pop up when you are required to save.

Homescreen and Workspaces Orientation


  • Home: The Home screen or workspace provides a macro-data view of your project in the upper left panel, as well as a preview of various other workspaces and charts
  • Codes: The Codes workspace houses your codebook in full view   
  • Media: The Media workspace catalogues all qualitative data that you have uploaded in your project
  • Excerpts: The Excerpts workspace is a database of every snippet or chunk of information you have coded in your project (i.e., a quote in an interview)
  • Descriptors: The Descriptors workspace is a database for all quantitative or categorical data in your project, as well as any descriptor profiles you’ve created for your media.
  • Analyze: The Analyze workspace includes access to dozens of data visualizations and charts
  • Memos: The Memos workspace lists all  memos created in the project
  • Training: The training workspace is a tool to calculate agreeability and trustworthiness among multiple coders using Cohen’s Kappa inter-rater reliability score
  • Security: The Security workspace is where you add collaborators to a project
  • Data Sets: The Data Sets workspace allows you to create distinct subsets of data within the larger project and filter out specific data, users, or codes from the project
  • Projects: The Projects workspace lists all projects you have created or been invited to, as well as project options such as create, copy, rename, and delete
  • Account: The Account workspace provides you an overview of your account's details, group users, projects, billing, and security. Changes can be made to any of these via their respective tabs
  • Back: The Back button is listed with the workspaces at the top, but is actually a button that lets you go back to the screen you were at last

Helpful Icons


  • Reload: Reload the project data to see any changes other users have made
  • Instant Messaging & Active Users: View how many users are currently in the project and message other users in the project
  • Background tasks: View any media still processing and being uploaded into Dedoose
  • Help: View Dedoose learning resources
  • Volume: Adjust the volume level for audio or video
  • Unpin or Pin Header: Remove or add the main ribbon from your view 
  • Logout: Log out of Dedoose