Visualizing Data in Dedoose

Analyze Workspace

The Analyze Workspace contains dozens of data visualizations and charts to help you explore patterns and relationships, run quantitative analyses, and create your own data visualizations and charts. Charts are divided up by various elements (media, codes, descriptors, users, etc.) and also methodology (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods).

Charts reside in several of the above categories and you may find charts in one methodological area helpful even if that is not your specific methodology. We recommend exploring charts based on the types of questions you want to ask of your codes, interaction between codes and descriptors, descriptors interacting with other descriptors, etc.

  • All charts and visualizations are "live" meaning that you can interact with and access the qualitative data behind any number, bar, or graph by simply clicking on the object.
  • All charts and visualizations can also be exported by using the export icon (arrow pointing up) in the upper right corner of the chart.


Below is a video overview of 7 key charts to help get you started: