Import Descriptors

Import Descriptors with Excel

You can import descriptor fields and descriptor profiles via Excel. This is the most efficient way to set up descriptors in your project. The video below demonstrates the process using interview data.

To import descriptor data in the form of descriptor profiles:

1. Create an Excel sheet with your descriptor field information as column headers. Each row will represent a specific piece of media in your study. For example, if you interviewed 12 people and are interested in the descriptor fields of Gender, Sexuality, Age, Eye Color, and Research Site, each row would refer to a specific participant's information. 


The first column must identify the piece of media in some way. For example, you may have pseudonyms, ID numbers, or other labels for your profiles. 

If you want to use the Auto-Link feature and have Dedoose match your media with your imported descriptor profiles, the first column of your Excel sheet must match your Dedoose media files titles exactly. You can quickly retrieve this information by navigating to the Media workspace and selecting "Export" in the upper right corner. Copy and paste the media title information in column A to your descriptor profile Excel sheet before import. 

2. Save the Excel file to your computer

3. Select the "Import Data" button on the Dedoose home workspace, and select "spreadsheet" as your data source

4. Select your Excel file and wait for Dedoose to process the upload

5. Navigate to the Descriptor workspace to double-check your work. You will see descriptor fields listed in the "Set Fields" panel, and your descriptor profiles in the large "Descriptors in Set" panel

You can edit or add new descriptor fields and/or descriptor profiles at any time. You can also proceed to link your descriptor profiles with your media via the guides below:

Auto-Link Descriptors 

Manually Link Descriptors