Code Weights

Code Weighting

Enabling code weighting allows you to add a numerical range or value to a code to indicate any type of valence, sentiment, or to quantify qualitative information. Code weights are often most useful in your second round of analysis, after your codebook is clearly defined. You can add or remove code weights at any time. 

For example, When interviewing participants about their experiences with doctors, the code "experiences with doctors" was weighted on a scale of -1 to 1 to indicate a positive experience (1), neutral experience (0), or negative experience (-1). Weighting a code can help keep your codebook condensed and adds extra analytical features via the Analyze workspace

To enable code weighting: 

  1. Hover over the code you wish to "weight" (you can also do this action when you first create a code)
  2. Select the "Edit Code" icon toward the right of the code
  3. In the code details window, select the "enable code weighting" box below the code description 



When applying a code with a weight, you can edit the numerical value after it is applied to the excerpt via the "Selection Info" panel