Create Memo Groups

Categorizing and Organizing Memos

Memos groups are a great tool to organize your memos and scaffold writing throughout the course of your project. For examples of different memo groups, please view the Memo Examples guide. 



Create a Memo Group

1. Open the Memos Workspace OR open/create a memo anywhere in Dedoose

2. If you are in the Memos Workspace, select "Create Memo" in the upper right

3. In the create memo window, click into the "Memo Groups" box

4. Type a group name and select "create memo group." Repeat as necessary. 

5. You can now categorize new and existing memos into the memo group(s)


Categorize a Memo into a Memo Group

If you are creating a new memo:

1. Select the "create memo" note icon to open to memo window.

2. Click into the "Memo Groups" box and select which group(s) you would like to add the memo to

3. Title your memo and type your content

4. Select "save"


If you are categorizing an existing memo:

1. Open the Memos Workspace

2. Check the boxes next to the memo(s) you would like to categorize 

3. Upon selecting your memos, an option to "Add Memo to Group" appears above

4. Select "Add Memo to Group" and select which group(s) you would like to categorize your memo(s) into

4. Click ‘Save’