Export Memos

Exporting Memos

You can export memos and their associated information (e.g., if your memos were linked to an excerpt of piece of media) via the Memos Workspace. You can also export excerpts and include any memos side-by-side to easily view your memos in context of the data. 


When exporting excerpts, select the "attach memo copy" box to have a side-by-side view of your excerpts and associated memos. This feature is great for bridging your analysis and writing!


Export Memos via the Memos Workspace

1. Open the Memos Workspace

2. Filter as desired or manually select memos to export or click the ‘Select All’ option

3. Select the "Export" button that appears along the top of the workspace and select the appropriate format and any additional information you wish to include in export (note that while excerpt text, codes, and descriptor content will be included, only media titles will be present in export).

5. Click ‘Submit’

6. Click ‘Ok’ when download is ready

7. Choose the location where you wish to save the file on your computer and, if needed, change the file name

8. Click ‘Save’


Export Memos while Exporting Excerpts

1. Navigate to the Excerpts Workspace

2. Choose which excerpts you would like to export. Remember that you can filter by how many memos are attached, or quickly sort the excerpts database by the memos column to pull up excerpts that have memos attached. 

3. Select the "export" icon in the upper right corner

4. Select "Attach Memo Copy" as one of the metadata options to export with the excerpts. Doing so allows you to view your memos side-by-side the data they were attached to.

attach memo copy.png