Codebook Settings

Codebook Settings


Automatic Upcoding

When automatic upcoding is activated, Dedoose will attach any parent/root codes to any excerpts that you apply a sub/child to as you analyze your data. 

It is recommended that you do not turn automatic upcoding on in the early stages of your project. If you turn upcoding on and then move child codes under a different parent, Dedoose will still take count these child codes in the initial parent code. They may therefore be counted twice: in the parent code they were under and in the new parent code. To undo this, you would have to manually go through and delete the code applications. To avoid this, do not activate Automatic Upcoding.

Instead, Dedoose can "upcode" for you at the end of your project via the "Retroactive Upcode" feature. If you are unsure if you want upcoding on, save this decision for after you have coded your data. You can make a copy of your project and test "Retroactive Upcode" on the copy. 

Sort Alphabetically

Dedoose will sort your codebook in alphabetical order


Display Code Counts

View the code counts next to the code name


Code Color Scheme

Enable a custom color scheme for your codes