Auto-Link Descriptors to Media

Auto-Link Descriptors to Media

Dedoose can auto-link your Descriptor Profiles to your Media files. Auto-linking descriptors matches the file names of your media with a descriptor field. This requires careful preparation, as the titles need to match the descriptor field exactly. The video below demonstrates helpful tips for this process, and the instructions are outlined below as well.

If you already have your data uploaded in Dedoose, you can quickly retrieve and extract media titles by navigating to the Media workspace and selecting "Export" in the upper right corner. Copy and paste the media title information in column A to your descriptor profile Excel sheet before import.


If you do not have data uploaded in Dedoose, please refer to the Import Descriptors guide before proceeding.


To auto-link descriptors to your media files:

1. Navigate to the Descriptor Workspace.

2. Select the 'Auto Link' button at the bottom of the panel

3. Select the appropriate linking field that matches your media titles. Remember, Dedoose needs a descriptor field that matches your media titles exactly in order to link the descriptor profiles to the media. 

Once complete, Dedoose will present any errors that occurred and all media that have matching titles will be linked to the appropriate descriptor data.