Group Account Management: Remove, Enable, or Disable Users

Group Account Management

Since group accounts of 6+ users are charged for all users in the group whether they log into Dedoose or not, it is important to manage users in a large group account to prevent unnecessary charges. To prevent unnecessary charges you can:


Remove a User from a Group Account 

Removing a user from your group turns that account into an individual account, and thereby that user is responsible for their own charges. That individual account maintains the same access to projects they were added to, but the group is no longer responsible for the user's charges. 

To remove a user from a group account:

  1. Log In
  2. Navigate to your Account workspace
  3. Select the "Account Users" tab
  4. Select on a user you want to remove
  5. Click "Remove User" on the bottom right

Disable or Enable Users in a Group Account

Users’ accounts can also be temporarily disabled. A disabled account cannot be accessed and does not incur charges.

To disable or enable a user in a group account:

  1. Log into Dedoose
  2. Navigate to the Access workspace
  3. Select the "Account Users" tab.
  4. Highlight the name of the account to be disabled/enabled
  5. Click on "Edit User" in the bottom right of the window
  6. Select "disable" or "enable" and hit "Submit"