Saving and Loading Datasets and Filters

Saving a Dataset or Filter

You can save datasets and filters to make them accessible to everyone in the project later in the “Saved Datasets” panel of the Data Sets workspace.

To save a dataset and/or filter:

1. Make sure the filter is active (you can check this in the Current Data Set panel within the Data Sets workspace)

2. Click the ‘Save Current Set’ button in the Current Data Set panel on the left side

3. Provide a title and description of the dataset/filter and click ‘Submit’ to save.

The dataset/filter will now be available for everyone in the project to load via the Data Sets workspace. 

Save datasets.png


Re-Loading a Saved Dataset or Filter

Re-loading a saved filter or dataset is a simple procedure in Dedoose and is achieved via the Data Selector workspace. To re-load a filter:

1. Click the ‘Data Set’ tab

2. Locate and click the desired filtered data set in the bottom “Saved Datasets” panel

3. Click the ‘Load’ button on the bottom right of the panel to activate the dataset/filter