Filtering in the Excerpts Workspace

Filtering via the Excerpts Workspace

The Excerpt workspace offers powerful filtering capabilities based on your codes, descriptors, users, and other data points related to the excerpt creator, date created, etc. Via the Excerpts workspace, you can filter in iterative ways that isolate the intersections of specific data. For example, if you wanted to identify excerpts created by a specific user AND a specific code, you can do so via the Excerpts workspace.

To create a dataset via the Excerpts workspace:

  1. Navigate to the Excerpts workspace
  2. Use the “Columns” panel to identify data points and/or information you want to filter by. For example, if you want to filter by certain codes be sure to select the codes in this area first.
  3. Using the “Filters” panel, select the specific datapoints and/or information you would like to isolate in your data set. You can do so for specific descriptors, media types, users, codes (select true to isolate excerpts with that code applied; select false to isolate excerpts where that code was not applied), and other information.
  4. The excerpts database will change based on your selections, only displaying excerpts that meet your filtering criteria.  
  5. Click the “Select All” button on the bottom right
  6. Click the “Make Set” button on the bottom right. This will create a dataset with the excerpts that met your filtering criteria. 
  7. You will get a message indicating the Active Data Set has changed and the main Data Sets heading will be in red font, indicating you are in data set mode or only working with a portion of your data.
  8. You are now ready to navigate Dedoose and explore the dataset you created

You can save the dataset by visiting the Data Sets workspace. Doing so will enable you or anyone else in the project to access and load the dataset.