Filtering in the Analyze Workspace

Filtering via the Analyze Workspace

Data sets can also be created from the Analyze Workspace, whose primary function is to provide visualizations of your data. All tables, charts, and graphs are live, meaning that you can retrieve the data that inform them by selecting that specific component on a visualization. 

To create a dataset from the Analyze workspace:

  1. Choose a data visualization, chart, table, or graph
  2. Select a component of the visualization. For example, if you were interested in only data from the descriptor field "Women," you can select the "Women" component of the Descriptor Ratios Multi chart.
  3. After you select a component of data, the excerpts informing that datapoint will appear. Choose the "Make Active Set" button on the bottom right. 
  4. You will get a message indicating the Active Data Set has changed and the main Data Sets workspace tab will be in red font, indicating you are in data set mode or only working with a portion of your data.

Tip: You can save the dataset by visiting the Data Sets workspace. Doing so will enable you or anyone else in the project to access and load the dataset.