Code Cloud

Packed Code Cloud

The Code Cloud visualizes your codes and displays them relative to their frequency. In other words, codes that were used more often will be in a larger font and vice versa. This chart is great for displaying in presentations to communicate to your audience the most prominent codes and concepts in your study.


packed code cloud.png


Options & Settings

Sub-code Count: When selecting this box, Dedoose includes the code count for all subcodes in the parent/root code total. This is useful for displaying larger themes/concepts in your study.

Color: Choose from several color themes.

Layout: Choose between a “Fast” layout to display your data immediately, or choose the “Best” layout to visualize a more compact, dense code cloud.

Direction: Choose what direction you want your codes oriented (e.g., horizontal, vertical, half and half, etc.)



All charts can be maximized for a better view and also exported using the “export” and “maximize” icons in the upper right corner.