Code Application

Code Application Chart

The code application chart displays the frequency of code applications (columns) disaggregated by each piece of Media (rows). This chart is useful for visualizing what codes were frequent or absent throughout all of your qualitative data.


In the below example, each piece of Media is titled using participant pseudonyms and are displayed on the left side of the chart. Along the top of the chart are all codes in the project. The numbered squared represents the frequency of each code for each participant. For example, the code “Academics” was used 5 times in Whitney’s interview.


Code Application.png


Options & Settings

Sort Field: Allows you to sort your media files in alphabetical or numerical order and vice versa. 

This chart can be exported using the “export” icon in the upper right corner. You can also choose which codes you want to be represented by creating a filter via the Data Sets Workspace of Media Workspace

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