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Bring Your Own Data Research Camp

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The Institute for Mixed Methods Research hosts a BYOD Research Camp intended for researchers, students, and/or organizations who are actively working on a project. In this research camp, participants will use their own data, work with others in their cohort, and engage in interactive exercises to progress their own analysis and research. Participants join a once-a-week virtual seminar for 4 weeks to receive instruction on:

  • Theoretical foundations of qualitative data analysis
  • Using digital tools for analysis
  • Coding and managing a codebook
  • Data visualization
  • Organizing and presenting findings
  • Bridging the gap between analysis and writing

All participants receive 2 free months of Dedoose.

Please visit the IMMR website to enroll or learn more

Reminder: Organizations with a Premier or Enterprise subscription receive a discount on BYOD Research Camps.