Descriptor Field x Descriptor Field

Descriptor Field x Descriptor Field Chart

The Descriptor Field x Descriptor Field chart is essentially a cross-tab analysis of the relative frequency of members in each sub-group plotted for two descriptor fields—one nested within the other. Descriptors allow you to do relational or comparative analysis between categories. For example, if you have demographic and categorical and wanted to visualize participants in relation to 2 of those categories, you can do so via the Descriptor Field x Descriptor Field Chart. Below are two examples to further illustrate: 

Remember - all qualitative data behind the bar chart can be accessed by selecting a specific bar. This chart is a great first stop after uploading survey data!

Qualitative Example

df x df qual.png

The example above displays two descriptor fields selected from the drop-down menu: "Sport" and "Gender." The chart disaggregates your descriptor profiles by "Sport" and "Gender" to allow you to quickly see how many participants were associated with each sport disaggregated by gender.  



Quantitative Example

The example below illustrates a cross-tab analysis of a quantitative score "technology readiness" disaggregated by sex (male/female). Dr. Eli Lieber also explains other features of the Descriptor Field x Descriptor Field chart.