Code Co-Occurrence

Code Co-Occurrence Chart

The Code Co-Occurrence chart is a matrix or heatmap displaying the frequency at which two codes were used on the same excerpt (or overlapping excerpts). Your codes will be listed on the left side of the chart and along the top. The chart is color-coded, with larger numbers displayed with warmer colors, and lower numbers displayed with cooler colors.

The chart allows you to visualize where codes were overlapping in your data and what that may mean for your study. In the example below for instance, the code “Coach Interaction or Relationship” co-occurred with the code “Power Dynamic/Coercive Power” 81 times. The researcher could click on the 81 to pull up those excerpts and investigate further, export excerpts, continue coding, etc.


code co occurrence sara data.png

Remember that absence can be as significant as presence. Take time to navigate this chart and think deeply about the intersections of codes and what they may mean in the context of your study.

This chart can also be helpful to locate codes that are redundant and/or speaking to the same concept. For example, if two codes are co-occurring at a high rate and have similar meanings, perhaps you should consider merging the codes.


Options & Settings

Include Overlapping Excerpts: This option comes preselected for you to account for codes that overlapped on separate excerpts. If you want to visualize code co-occurrences that took place only on the same exact excerpt, uncheck this box.