Descriptor Field Correlation

Descriptor Field Correlation

The Descriptor Field Correlation chart can be used to explore correlations. This charts requires two Number-type descriptor fields. One will be designated the x-axis and the second the y-axis. The image below shows how to determine this correlation, or if it exists at all. In this example, it is quite clear visually that we have a strong negative relationship. That is, when one value increases the other tends to decrease.

The Pearson's correlation coefficient provided at the bottom of the chart can be used to report the results from a statistical perspective. 

The example below is displaying the correlation between two continuous variables "TRI Motivation" and "TRI Inhibition" (TRI = Technology Readiness Index).

d correlation.png

You can explore qualitative data associated with the participants "behind the numbers" by selecting an area of this chart. After using your cursor to select and drag over a portion of the plot, Dedoose will display all qualitative excerpts related to those particular cases or participants. This allows you to do a more focused qualitative investigation based on a subset defined by two purely quantitative variables.