Descriptor Number Distribution Plot

The Descriptor Number Distribution Plot presents a number type field as distributed across a range of participants. The x axis are the values they provided, and we can examine the distribution to get a visual sense of how the individuals cluster--the y axis representing those values. This is a quick way to get an overview of a number type field and basic psychometric properties of the distribution presented along the lower part of the chart. Note that you can also select the number of segments to break out your values into ranges. This displays how many of participants fall into a certain range of a numerical field.

d number distribtuion.png


The main display in the above example illustrates the distribution for a single continuous quantitative variable—in this case the Technology Readiness Index Total score (the higher your score, the more you represent a person more prepared to adopt new technologies.)

Descriptive statistics such as mean, median, range, and standard deviation are listed along the bottom of the chart.

While the underlying data are distributed across a single continuous dimension, the Dedoose display overlays a segmentation feature. This feature allows you to specify a particular number of groupings you wish to explore—all controlled by the slider at the bottom of the screen.

Finally, the practical usage of this visual for more qualitative analysis purposes is to be able to click through on any segment to pull all participant data (excerpts and all metadata) represented behind that particular segment. This facilitates both an overall examination of the distribution as well as comparisons from a qualitative perspective.