Descriptor Field x Code Grid Chart

The Descriptor Field x Code Grid Chart allows you to build your own chart based on the descriptor fields and codes of your choosing. 

Step 1: In the upper left corner of the chart area, there is an option to choose which descriptor field(s) you would like to add. Choose a descriptor field from the drop-down menu and then select the "Add Field" button below.

Step 2: The "Codes" panel to the left of the chart area lists all codes in your project. Select the box next to the codes you would like to have represented in the chart. 

After doing so, the chart will populate based on your choices.

code grid.png

In the example above, the researcher has selected "Gender" as their descriptor field, and 9 different codes. The matrix displays how many coded-excerpts are associated with each code, disaggregated by gender. For instance, if you selected the first box at the intersection of  "Man" and "Activism/Organizing," Dedoose will present you the 9 excerpts that were coded "Activism/Organizing" that were attributed to men in the study.

You can add more descriptor fields to the chart for more complex analyses, and also add/remove codes from the chart. 

This chart is great for any intersectional analysis where you want to compare two descriptor fields along specific codes. The example below displays the result when adding "Race" to the matrix, resulting in a chart that displays both the gendered and racialized experiences of participants along a specific selection of codes. 

code grid intersectional.png

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