Descriptor x Descriptor x Code Chart

The Descriptor x Descriptor x Code Chart visualizes a code of your choice by two descriptor fields. This chart is a great tool for diving deeper into any differences between two descriptor categories in relation to a specific code.

In the upper left corner, choose from the "Field" drop-down menu which 2 descriptor fields you would like to visualize. Then choose which code you would like to be represented and whether you would like the representation to be based on the frequency of excerpts associated with that code (Frequency bubble) or the distribution of the weight of that code (Weight bubble).  

d x d x c.png

The example above displays the code frequency of "Hostile Fans" disaggregated two descriptor fields - "Career Status" and "Sport." This example helps explore the prevalence of a code across descriptors in more nuanced ways. For instance, this chart shows that former women's soccer players spoke about "Hostile Fan" behavior more often than any other group.

Remember, you can always click on a specific bar in a chart to retrieve the qualitative data behind the numbers. To build a Descriptor x Descriptor chart that has multiple codes visualized, use the Descriptor x Code Grid Chart

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