Media Workspace Overview

Media Workspace

A piece of "Media" refers to a piece of qualitative data you have uploaded into your project (e.g., documents, video, images, open-ended survey responses, etc.).

The Media Workspace houses all qualitative data in your project and presents it to you in database form. The workspace includes several features to help manage, organize, and filter media. 

The "Columns" panel on the left dictates what information and data points you view in the media database to the right. Unchecking the boxes next the information will hide it from your database and vise versa. For instance, if you did not want to see what date media were uploaded, you can uncheck the "Date/Time" box as illustrated in the below example.

The Filters panel in the lower left corner allows you to filter and isolate media that meet certain conditions in your project. For example, you can filter by media type (document, video, image, PDF, etc.), descriptor field criteria, linked memos, amount of excerpts, codes, and more. 

media searching function.png

The Export button (arrow pointing up in the upper right corner) allows you to export documents of your choice.

The Add Media button (addition icon in the upper right corner) allows you to add more media to your project

Be sure to visit guides related to Media workspace features such as: 

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