Excerpts Workspace Overview

Excerpts Workspace 

The Excerpts Workspace is is a database of all excerpts created in your project, along with any other accompanying data points such as applied codes, memos, descriptor information, who created the excerpt, when the excerpt was created, etc. 

You can select an excerpt in the database to view the full excerpt and apply more codes or memos.


Options and Settings

Similar to the Media Workspace, the Columns Panel to the left controls what data points are visible in the database, and the Filter Panel allows you to do complex filtering of your excerpts based on codes, descriptors, user, etc.

You can also Sort the database by clicking on the column title. In the example below, the researcher has clicked on the "Code Count" column to sort the database from most code-counts to least code-counts.

excerpts workspace.png

The Excerpts Workspace is a great tool for advanced filtering of excerpts. For example, you can isolate excerpts created by a specific user, isolate excerpts that have memos attached, or search for excerpts that have specific codes applied and/or not applied.