Search within Excerpts

The Excerpts Workspace allows you to search for specific words/phrases across all of your text-based excerpts. Dedoose will filter and present you only the excerpts where that word/phrase is present. To search for specific words/phrases across all your excerpts: 

  1. Locate the search bar at the top of the excerpt database (reference the example below using the word "love")
  2. Type in the word/phrase you want to locate within your documents
  3. Select enter on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass within the search bar

After doing so, Dedoose will present only the excerpts that contain the word/phrase. 

exertps search.png

This is a great tool for isolating specific concepts that may be in your data, or when you are looking for a specific example. You can select any of the excerpts to view the excerpt and continue coding, or you can create a data set with those specific excerpts.