Excerpt View

Viewing and Accessing Excerpts 

You can access excerpts from nearly any workspace in Dedoose, including through analysis charts, the Excerpts Workspace, and through your codebook. Once you pull up an already-existing excerpt, you will enter the Excerpt Viewer (pictured below). 

sub code excerpt.png

Once you access an excerpt via the excerpt-viewer, you have several options along the bottom of the window: 

Continue coding: Double-click or drag and drop other codes that apply to the excerpt 

Memos button: View any existing memos attached to the excerpt or add a new memo

View in Context: If you'd like to return to the original piece of media at the exact location of the excerpt, select the "View in Context" button

Previous/Next: Cycle through to the next or previous excerpt 

Delete Excerpt: Delete the designated excerpt from your project

The Excerpt Viewer is a great tool for reviewing excerpts and continuing the iterative process of coding by adding more codes to an excerpt or sub-code within an existing code category. To review pull up all excerpts associated with a code, hover over the code and select the quotation mark icon (pictured below). Doing so will present all excerpts with that code applied. Click on the first excerpt listed to begin the sub-coding/review process.

excerpt view on code.png