Import Codes via Excel

Import Codes via Excel

You can import codes via an Excel spreadsheet. Dedoose makes this process easy by providing a downloadable template that you can access by navigating to the codes panel, selecting the “Actions” icon, and then selecting the "Export Codes" button.

actions codebook.png

Dedoose will provide a template that includes the columns you need to populate (or leave blank) such as:

  • ID
  • Parent ID
  • Depth
  • Title (Code title)
  • Description (Code definition)
  • Any code weights and the weight range

Exporting an already-made codebook can be a good strategy for understanding the spreadsheet format. It can also be useful if you want to re-use a codebook for a future project. Simply export the codebook and then import the codebook via the same Actions panel icon in your new project.