Account Overview

Account Workspace

The Accounts Workspace allows users to administer their account and view detailed account information. Users can:

Account Group vs Project Access:



There is a difference between adding someone to your account group and adding someone to your project.


Account Group: If you add someone to your account group, you are responsible for paying their associated fees. Adding someone to your account group does not add them to any projects or impact project access. If you want someone in your account to have access to a project, have the project owner add them to the project via the Security workspace.


Project Access: If you add someone to your project, you are not responsible for any of their fees. You are simply inviting them to collaborate with you on the specific project you added them to.


If you want more information on how to add someone to a project, visit the Add User to Project guide. If you are interested in adding someone to your Account Group and thereby pay for their Dedoose subscription, visit the Add User to Account guide. More information can be found in the Paying vs Sharing article on the Dedoose website.